Re: A brief commentary

From: (Brian A. Reynolds)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:58 
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>> This impasse can be
>> resolved through an instrument all pilots carry with them:  "their
>> ass strapped to the hardware", as someone else put it.

Pilots are tought to that this instrument is highly unreliable and not
to be trusted under any circumstances.  I read an interview with a female
airshow pilot.  She likes to wear earrings as they are an excellent
reminder of her attitude.  IF you do a coordinated manuver you can be
inverted and not spill and drink in the back.

>Aaah, but how do you know that your attitude indicator is not faulty?
>What if the various attitude indicators on board also didn't agree?
>See the problem? They have to identify which instruments they can

It is also worth while to remember that FAR Part 25 requires a complete
set of Standby Instruments which are totally independent of the
'normal' displays.  All the flight crew had to do in the Bergenair
case was to look at the standby airspeed indicator, compare it with
the Captains and First Officers airspeed indicators (assuming that they
were in the normal Captain's on left, and FO on right - IF they were
'BOTH ON ONE' then they were in deep doo-do anyway) to see which two
agree.  This is why they are put into the flight deck - to allow
the flight crew to do a 2-out-of-3 vote.