Re: TWA flight 800 and the missile theory

From:         Stefano Pagiola <>
Organization: worldbank
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:57 
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Robert Dorsett wrote:
> I'm only familiar with three accidents in which bombings have caused a jet
> transport to crash: a TWA 707 over the Ionian Sea in the early 1970s; the
> Pan Am crash; the Air India 747 over the Atlantic which nobody talks about.

Then there's the UTA DC-10 over Africa, the Korean 707 over Burma, a Cathay
Pacific CV-880 over Viet-Nam, ... and others which I'd have to check my sources
on first.  (And BTW, almost every longish article I've seen on the TWA bomb
theory does mention the Air India 747.)

> Does anyone else find it incomprehensible that, with the likelihood a
> bomber is on the loose, body recovery is being made the #1 priority of the
> investigation team, apparently in a concession to media pressure, opportun-
> istic politicians, and grieving victims' families?

Incomprehensible?  No.  In fact, you just explained it.  Dumb?  Yes.