Re: Q: Black Stripe, TWA Aircraft

From: (James Phipps)
Organization: IONet
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:57 
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>> Could be something to do with the fact that the Black area of the wing is
>> hotter, so birds don't stand on that bit when the plane is parked, and
>> then you don't get bird crap anywhere important !
>        The black stripes are high-tech icing detectors.  If the stripe
>        is black, no ice.  If the stripe is white, ice.  It's virtually
>        foolproof...
Folks, try not to make the black stripe on the wing more technically advanced
that what it is.  The black area is simply a non-skid surface on which
maintenance techs, etc. can do their inspections/repairs without falling off
the wing.

Also, how many birds have you seen sitting on the wing of an airliner?  Most
operators don't let their planes sit still long enough for birds to start
roosting on them.  AOG's cost $$$.

James Phipps
Manufacturing Engineer
NORDAM Transparency Div.-Tulsa