Re: Diesel aircraft engines

From: (RD Rick)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:54 
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In <airliners.1996.1539@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl
Swartz) writes:
>>What made the Junkers Aircraft Diesels so unusual was the unique
>>configuration : an opposed piston two-stroke turbo-supercharged
>>diesel. Unlike a Subaru or VW auto engine, there were 2 pistons
>>in each cylinder (driven from opposing sides via synchronized

There is also the Zoche aero diesel that has been shown at Oshkosh
probably every year since 1985, when I saw it.  Herr Zoche is the
(West) German who has been trying to get this thing off the ground,
so to speak.  As I remember, it is a 4 cyl radial, and possibly
aircooled.  He claimed a very impressive power to weight ratio.

I don't know the current status, but I believe it became a bit of a
joke in EAA circles.