Re: barrel roll in 727 ?!!

From: (David Lesher)
Organization: NRK Clinic for habitual NetNews Abusers - Beltway Annex
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:53 
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It was over MI as I recall. Early 70's?

As others said, the inference was they'd tried to drag some flaps to
raise the performance. A leading edge also deployed. They went from
the service ceiling to ?11,000 ft? at night in a dive that buckled a
wing root.

They popped the gear to try & break the reputed supersonic dive;
losing the doors instantly.

At 10,000+, the slat departed & the crew recovered by visual
reference alone; everything had tumbled or some reason ;-| [At
night, remember]

They landed, but kept the engines lit for 40 minutes, and just
happened to hit the CVR-wipe.... [Only active with gear

When the A&P's jacked up the a/c, the main gear fell off.

The NTSB went full-court press. They even took the ?7?-channel
stainless foil/pen-scribe-type FDR & subjected it to centrifuge
G-force at NASA.  Why? To account for the slop in the pens at those
loads!  [Look up thorough in the dictionary & see the NTSB logo..]

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