RE: Old NW DC-9's

From:         McElravy <>
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:52 
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>>This is off the thread, but on the topic of NWA DC-9s. I submitted this
>>same question to the AIRLINE mailing list but for some reason the moderator
>>didn't approve it, so I'm still left wondering.

>What's the AIRLINE mailing list?

   For AIRLINE list  information, please contact the list owner:

   Geert K. Marien   -   GKMQC@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU  (Internet)

For those interested, the planes WERE the dash 30 models (mostly). On my
first leg (AUS-MEM) I was ahead of the wing, where it was quite quiet. The
next leg (MEM-COS) was on a 727 where I was in the second to the last row
on the left side of the aircraft (NW 727s have several more rows on the
right side) It was very noisy!! The COS-MEM was on another dash 30. Seated
behind the wing, it was a little bit noisier. For MEM-AUS, they seated me
on a -10, where I was very close to the engines (seeing them out the window
is B-A-D, BAD!!!!). I was disappointed at being on the -10 as it was rather
decrepit. The -30s are very posh. They are equipped with air phones and
overhead bins that close!! The upholstery is also a much more inviting

In contribution to the continuing JT8D discussion I must note that they are
the most odd sounding engines I've flown with. When starting up they sound
like a light wind blowing against the plane. At low power they make a weird
noise that I can't describe, kinda like an electric slinky (unless you've
heard one you can't possibly understand what this noise sounds like.) In
flight they just sound like a **really** loud CFM56. They are definitely
louder outside than inside. During a recent trip to Washington, DC for
tourist stuff I could always tell when a 737-100/200, DC-9, or 727 went

						Evan McElravy