Re: Delta Flt 1288

From: (Chilukuri)
Organization: Univ of California at San Diego
Date:         04 Aug 96 16:44:51 
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In article <airliners.1996.1462@ohare.Chicago.COM>, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM
>>Hmmm, that brings up another interesting point.  Arn't the center engines on
>>DC-10/MD11 and LT-1011 aircraft different from the under wing engines?  Ya,
>>all three are probably made by the same company, but are they different none
>>the less?
>They the same engine types, at least as delivered from the factory.

The MD11 tail engine is slightly different in performance than the wings.
For example, the inlet air has to flow through a much longer path, and has
to undergo a rather severe acceleration-deceleration before entering the

Also, the thrust reverser cascade arrays are significantly different between
the wing and tail.

The engine and nacelle hardware are basically the same, but configured
differently for the two positions.