Re: McDonnell Douglas Blended Wing Transport

From:         David Lednicer <>
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Date:         01 Aug 96 13:34:27 
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Jennings Heilig wrote:
> While visiting the model shop at NASA Langley Research Center recently,
> they were working on a wind tunnel model of a proposed McDD blended
> wing/body transport.  When I asked about the scale of the model, they said
> it was designed to seat 800+ pax.  If that's the case, then this thing
> will be about the size of a whole fleet of 747-400s (wingspan wise), and
> will have three engines each about the diameter of a 747 fuselage.
> Anyone know anything about this aircraft?  It had a very manta ray type
> shape, and was quite asthetically pleasing.  It reminded me of some of the

	Bob Liebeck at Douglas and John McMasters at Boeing got NASA
contracts to do prelim designs of the "Airliners of the Future".  Bob's
design is the one you saw.  John's is a wild multi turbofan amphib.
There was some info published on it in the local AIAA newsletter.  Both
Bob and John are one-of-a-kind types with fertile imaginations.

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