Re: Delta Flt 1288

From:         Mark Ingram <>
Date:         31 Jul 96 12:29:42 
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On 29 Jul 1996, Karl Swartz wrote:

> >Hmmm, that brings up another interesting point.  Arn't the center engines on
> >DC-10/MD11 and LT-1011 aircraft different from the under wing engines?  Ya,
> >all three are probably made by the same company, but are they different none
> >the less?
> They [are] the same engine types, at least as delivered from the
> factory.

Some years ago, I was a cockpit crewmember on a transoceanic DC-10-30.
Prior to departure, a scan of the maintenance logbook revealed that the GE
CF6-50 from the center position had - apparenlty without specific
authorization - been temporarily replaced with a different "dash" number
engine (either a -60 or -70, as I recall).  Since we had no performance
charts specific to the latter, there ensued a mad scramble to determine
whether such an intermix of engines was even *legal*.

After several radio and telephone calls, and a considerable amount of
discussion, we were provided with some new performance data for that
engine (not *significantly* different from that of the -50), and were
persuaded that it was indeed legal for us to depart on our flight.

Normally, however, the dash numbers of the three engines on any given
aircraft were the same.

Mark E. Ingram

MarkT@Mo-Net.Com (also