Re: Delta Flt 1288

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Date:         31 Jul 96 12:29:42 
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> >Hmmm, that brings up another interesting point.  Arn't the center engines on
> >DC-10/MD11 and LT-1011 aircraft different from the under wing engines?  Ya,
> >all three are probably made by the same company, but are they different none
> >the less?
> They the same engine types, at least as delivered from the factory.

  Our DC-10 and MD-11 engines are completely interchangeable wing to
center.  (The other guys' probably are as well, I'd guess.) They have a
pin program to tell them when they're in the center, so the FADECs use
different pressure probe correction curves.  (This feature only for
the MD-11's, the DC-10s had straight hydro controls.)

Charlie Falke
System Test Team Leader         Pratt & Whitney Aircraft