Re: B757 "Heavy Jet"?

From: (Manfred Saitz)
Organization: Ping
Date:         31 Jul 96 12:29:42 
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>>> At Heathrow tonight a Sabena 737 pilot got a right telling-off for
>>> declining to take off close behind a 757.  He was told that in the
>>> UK 757s are not considered to be heavy and that 2 minute separation
>>> was not necessary.  The pilot in the aircraft behind the next 757
>> According to the Manual of Air Traffic Services Pt1 the B757 is still
>> classified as a Medium in the UK. The only time it is treated
> Further, the pilot, being a professional, had probably heard of
> incidents in the US and decided to be cautious.  Sounds good to me.
Additionally he might be used to a 2 minute departure separation from
his experience in Europe, as quite a few European countries - including
my home country Austria - have adopted the US-regulation classifying the
757 as heavy. I heared once, that the British CAA has adopted a
different rule mainly due to capacity-restraints at LHR, where movements
  of B757s account for quite a high percentage of the general number of
movements. This reportedly was done after consultation with local
British airlines, who of course are not interested in reducing the
capacity at UK's most important airport.
(Still testing undertaken by British CAA obviously didn't lead to the
same  results as in the study of US's FAA).

Nice greetings from Vienna, Manfred, ATC/TWR/LOWW.
    Stating my personal views.

Manfred Saitz
08/01/96 00:53
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