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Date:         31 Jul 96 12:29:40 
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> The OFFICIAL pronunciation of our airplane family is: Seven-Oh-Seven,
> Seven-One-Seven, Seven-Two-Seven, Seven-Three-Seven, Seven-Four-Seven,
> Seven-Five-Seven, Seven-Six-Seven, Seven-Seven-Seven, and
> Seven-Eight-Seven (you all can speculate about that one for awhile).
> However, most of us say Triple-Seven instead of Seven-Seven-Seven.  The
> other exception is the Seven-Seventeen, but that airplane (the KC-135) is
> amost never referred to by its Boeing designation.  These are the correct
> pronunciations of the names, and we occasionallay have to have our people
> re-take something on a video if they get it wrong.  Seven-fifty-seven is a
> no-no (to us, anyway).

   But was it the seven-twenty, or the seven-two-oh?
BTW, I'm writing this from a field office at Boeing field, and I don't
think I've ever heard *anybody* say seven-seven-seven.
   But I *have* heard the abreviated seven-seven, as in four-seven and
five-seven.  What's in a name? :-)

Charlie Falke
System Test Team Leader         Pratt & Whitney Aircraft