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From: (adrian reedy)
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Date:         10 Jan 96 02:01:40 
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On 08 Jan 96 01:37:27 , (Kevin M. Wilder) wrote:

|	In this month's Flying magazine, one of thier regular columnists
|(Len Morgan) mentions two somewhat comical commercial aviation
|incidents.  The first of these involves a US commercial airliner that not
|only landed at the wrong airport, but in the wrong country, and the
|second (and more serious) involves an airliner that "ditched" in the Sahara
|after running out of fuel.  Does anyone have any more information on
|these events?

  I have faint memories that this was a B24 named "Lady Be Good".
50/50 chance I'm wrong.

|A340 at the Vancouver International Airport over the holidays, and I
|noticed that both ailerons were "drooping" substantially.  (no, they were
|not the flaps, unless the A340 has flaperons) why do they do this?  I
|have not noticed this on any other aircraft.

  Same thing on the L10ll.  It's due to an absence of hydraulic
pressure, and the fact that they're not physically connected.  The
leading edge kreuger flaps on the 727 always droop with the hydraulics
shut down.
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