Re: AA965 proves Airbus bashers deadly wrong

From: (FMCDave)
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Date:         06 Feb 96 14:15:46 
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This has been a facinating thread.  However, the eternal debate between
Airbus and Boeing philosophies (to which I admit adding) is really
diverting attention from appropriate focus.  Most accidents have multiple
"contributers" (in safety analysis terms).  This complex accident has
many.  The official investigation will take some time and will extend far
beyond the systems in the airplane.  It will examine the entire Air
Traffic Management (ATM) system involved.  It will look for crew failures
(procedures, training, execution), ATC failures (same set), ground
navigation sources, and yes...airplane systems.  A complete answer will
require a comprehensive investigation.

We all have to step back and take a global view of how we are operating
our aircraft within this ATM system; in the investigation of accidents
(which I believe the NTSB does today), design of airspace utilzation
procedures, and design of aircraft/ground ATC systems.
David Allen
Project Manager, CNS/ATM
Opinions are mine and not Boeing's