Re: Status of Maine 1649 Connies?

From: (John van Veen)
Organization: The Inland Northwest Community Access Network
Date:         29 Jul 96 13:24:42 
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In a previous article, (Tim Takahashi) says:

>Steve Lacker  <> wrote:
>> ( 0 Falke_Charlie phone dist ) wrote:
>>And since you mentioned it... why aren't we overrun with diesel engined
>>aircraft? Poor power-to-weight ratio?
>Dr. Junkers in pre-war Germany was an advocate of the aircraft
>diesel. The Jumo series 2-stroke opposed-piston turbo-diesels exhibited
>excellent power (well over 1hp per cubic inch at altitude,
>something that sea-level automotive power-plants have only recently
>achieved), remarkable SFC and low-RF -emissions (important in those
>pre-FM-transciever days).
>It would appear that interest in this configuration did not survive
>the war.

There are some folks here in Spokane, who were working on a three
cylinder, air cooled diesel for air craft.  I believe it has been
flight tested but beyound that I know nothing.  It was exhibited at
the local fair one year.  Nice looking!  If there is any interest
I will try to contact the developer.