Re: Detection of clear air turbulence

From: (Andrew Andersen)
Organization: OzEmail Pty Ltd - Australia
Date:         29 Jul 96 13:24:41 
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QANTAS (no "U") have never lost one.  Most Australians with any sense
are proud of the airline's fine achievement.  It is all the more
remarkable when you remember that QF are the world's second-oldest
airline (behind KLM).  I think that makes it special.

For the record, and ahead of the internet hounds, there were a number
of incidents/accidents during World War II (esp in Papua New Guinea)
involving Qantas aircrew flying charters and other services for the
Royal Australian Air Force.  These were not passenger services.

A good insight into the "how and why" can be found in the official 75
year history by John Stackhouse
".. from the dawn of aviation  THE QANTAS STORY 1920-1995"
published by Focus Publishing, ISBN 1-875-359-23-0
Email me if you need additional publisher information.

(not a shareholder or employee, just a satisfied frequent
passenger...after all those trips across the Pacific I'm still here !)