Re: Detection of clear air turbulence

From:         Michael Page <>
Organization: Department of Mathematics, Monash University
Date:         29 Jul 96 13:24:40 
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RD Rick wrote:
> (broomstick) writes:
> >
> >Southwest Airlines has never crashed either, after several decades of
> >operation.  It's the only American airline with no crashes.
> Lessee, there's also:
> America West
> Frontier (the new one; maybe the old one too)
> Reno Air
> Midway (the new one; maybe the old one too)
> Western Pacific
> etc.

Returning to the original posting, the difference may be here that
QANTAS has been around for a long time and flown a lot of miles.
It recently celebrated its *75th* anniversary.  Compass in Australia
never crashed either, but it only existed for about a year!

I recall, though, that QANTAS's actual claim is that they have never
lost a life through an accident *in the jet age*.  I think they lost
a small plane in the Snowy mountains in the 50s, or somesuch.


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