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Date:         29 Jul 96 13:24:40 
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In article <airliners.1996.1381@ohare.Chicago.COM>, McElravy
<> writes:

>Is there any "official" way to  pronounce these planes? I always
>them "seven-oh-seven, seven-thirty-seven, seven-forty-seven, etc., etc."
>The only plane I use the Boeing method for is the 777, which is the
>"triple-seven", or "seven-seven-seven" to me, because
>sounds dorky. Should I mend my ways?

To add to the dilemma, some airlines have different slang terms amongst
the employees.  Some say "seven-two" while others call it the "two-seven".
 I like the former, which I believe is more common.

ATP/FE, Boeing 727
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