Re: TWA 747 crash - flight 800 (JFK-CDG)

From: (Jared Nedzel)
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Date:         29 Jul 96 13:24:39 
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In article <airliners.1996.1475@ohare.Chicago.COM> Pete Mellor <> writes:
>Andy Tompson <> asks on Sun Jul 21 21:47:17 1996:-
>> I keep thinking about someone stuffing something in the landing
>> gear area while on the ground, but do we need more speculation?
>Perhaps not, but would someone care to comment on the following?
>1. It couldn't have been a bomb with a timer, since the aircraft
>   was delayed on the ground for an hour before take-off, and it
>   would have exploded on the runway.

I must disagree.  A bomb certainly could have been timed to go
off about 1 hr., 15 min after scheduled takeoff.

>2. Exception to 1. is that a bomb with a timer was loaded at Athens,
>   but with a *very* long time set to detonation. Again, that means
>   that the attacker either did not care when it blew up, or set
>   the timer for the mid-ocean cruise, and the delay meant that it
>   exploded a few minutes after take-off.

I don't see why the bomb couldn't have been loaded at JFK.  Security
at most US airports seems quite lax to me.

>3. If a bomb with a barometric detonator was loaded at New York,
>   why did it not explode before 13,000 odd feet, if it was in a
>   baggage hold maintained at the same pressure as the cabin,
>   i.e., equivalent to 5,000 feet altitude?

Well, we don't know exactly how the cabin pressure changed on that particular
flight.  In addition, a bomb could have been fused with a combination
of a barometric and timed fuse, i.e., after the cabin pressure reaches
a certain altitude, a timer is started...

>4. If it was a bomb, that (IMHO) leaves us with a barometrically
>   detonated device stuffed into the landing gear or attached
>   somewhere outside the pressurised cabin/baggage hold at NY
>   (or perhaps a device detonated by radio signal?).

Obviously we're speculating rather wildly here, but I don't see anything
here that would make me rule out a simple timer.

Jared Nedzel
MRC Partners

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