Re: TWA 747 crash - flight 800 (JFK-CDG)

From: (Timo Niroma)
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:41 
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In article <airliners.1996.1387@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Andy Tompson
<> says:
>Karl Swartz wrote:
>> One former NTSB official
>> on this evening's news said it did NOT appear to be a bomb, in his
>> opinion.  I didn't catch the whole reasoning, unfortunately.

>My understanding on this was that there were reports of a sequence of
>happenings....some kind of initial fire (that looked like a flare), a
>but do we need more speculation?

I have got much post in my e-mail that think that the the theory of a
meteorite strike is a real possibility.

To those who have said that there would be clear trace after such a huge
event, I would answer that the first trace may be very small.

The possible meteorite can have been only one centimeter or one inch in
diameter or even smaller.

The point is that a meteorite has a speed a several tens of kilometers in
second or several tens of miles in second.

Think it. Compare with a bullet can do. And how slow it is.

If the point of hit has been strategic, a one centimeter meteorite
causing 15 centimeter wide a gap and tremendous heat, near is not much
more needed.

There is a tremendous explosion that could explode one of the motors or
fuel channel. Thus the two explosions.

Think the speed, that's the key.

What news has come here to Finland, at least ten people have seen a flash
outside the aeroplane before the aeroplane exploded.

The other news that where in our newspapers was that the it was the other
wing, not the cabin with the bags that got the first hit.

So I answer we really need no more speculations, and I'm sure that the
commission that tries to resolve this case does a good and accurate work.

But as also has been said, one cannot see a thing that is not in his/her

Let's not speculate, let's make hard investigation work, but let's take
into account this one, albeit rare, but at the same time very real

And I think there this time more than ever all reason to take it as a
REAL possibility.

Timo Niroma

amateur astronomer