Re: TWA 747 crash - flight 800 (JFK-CDG)

From: (Andrew Cameron)
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Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:40 
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:

> It's first flight was August 18, 1971, and it was delivered to
>TWA on October 27.  Boeing bought it back on December 15, 1975...
> ........and the next day, TWA
>bought the plane back from Boeing.

(extract from original posting)

My records from two UK sources suggest that this aircraft was sold to
Boeing December 15, 1975 and that TWA bought again on 16th December,
1976, one year and a day later. This is supported by a quick
calculation on the hours of the airframe against others in the TWA
fleet - 87964 to 23rd January 1995, about 8000 hrs (2 years
equivalent) behind c/n 19675 then at 96194 hours. I don't have any
other evidence, but I had no interest in this 20 years ago.