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From:         "David K. Cornutt" <>
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Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:39 
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In article <airliners.1996.1296@ohare.Chicago.COM> David Lednicer, writes:
>	Yes, late model Caravelles (10B, 10R, 11R and 12) all had JT8Ds.
>Approximately 60 of these models were built.

_Modern Commercial Aircraft_ sez:

10A (also known as Horizon): GE CJ805-23C engines.
  No note on how many were built.
10B1R, or 10R: JT8D-1 or -7, 20 built.
10B3 (also known as Horizon B): JT8D-1, -7, or -9 engines, 22 built.
11R: A combi configuration with a forward cargo door.  JT8D-7 engines.
  6 built.
12 (also known as Super Caravelle): JT8D-9 engines.  12 built.
All earlier versions used RR Avon engines.

The Caravelle had a remarkable production history.  The first version
went into service in May 1959, and the last Caravelle rolled off the
line in March 1973.  A total of 282 were built.  33 different airlines
ordered Caravelles, and my reference estimates that over 85 airlines
operated at least one Caravelle at one time or another.

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