Re: barrel roll in 727 ?!!

From: (Brian A. Reynolds)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:38 
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>The crew of a (TWA?) 727 was sort of "playing" with the flaps at cruise
>to milk out a little bit better fuel economy.  They did a barrel roll
>before recovering, losing 10's of thousands of feet of altitude in the
>process.  Not a boring flight at that point.

I think that the crew was ACCUSED of misconfiguring the aircraft to get
a little additional speed out of it, a scenerio which could have resulted
in the manuver.  Their story is that it was uncommanded, and that they
WERE NOT in a misconfigured configured situation (at least one CB has to
be pulled to use the 'go faster' configuration as I recall).  So one
likely explanation was that they were doing it, but no proof was ever
produced (which is what the incident investigation concluded) or there
was a problem with the airplane (which is the story of the flight crew).

Cockpit voice recorder had rolled around, so the recording of the event
had been overwritten.  Can't remember what was reported to have come
off of the flight data recorder.

Sorry, can't remember anything more (like when ?).  Would go look it up
in our library, but we have to pay for searches (kind of transforms
information in mere data).  I DO remember reading several write-ups about
this in Aviation Week and Spy Technology.