Re: barrel roll in 727 ?!!

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Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:38 
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Daan Vlaskamp wrote:
> >The crew of a (TWA?) 727 was sort of "playing" with the flaps at cruise
> >to milk out a little bit better fuel economy.  They did a barrel roll
> >before recovering, losing 10's of thousands of feet of altitude in the
> >process.  Not a boring flight at that point.
> Never heard that story before. Do you have more information about this
> "incident" ?

The story is true although I can no longer vouch for the date and flight
number of the TWA B727. I believe the event took place in the late '70s
and from what little I remember the crew was manipulating the leading
edge slats (by pulling the circuit breakers???) in an attempt to cruise
at a higher altitude. This failed, the aircraft may have stalled, then
rolled over and lost several thousand feet of altitude before recovering.
During the recovery the landing gear was deployed to help slow the
aircraft's descent damaging the gear doors. The aircraft made an
emergency landing safely. IIRC the Captain's name was "Hoot" Gibson.