Re: barrel roll in 727 ?!!

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:37 
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Daan Vlaskamp <> asks on Mon Jul 22 10:11:29 1996:-

> Never heard that story before. Do you have more information about this
> "incident" ?

Not about that one, but some time last year I posted an
anecdote that I read in "Bravo Two Zero" (about the botched
SAS operation behind the lines in the Gulf War). According
to the author ("Andy McNab" - a nom-de-plume), who was in
charge of the raid, after he and the other survivors were
released from the Iraqi prison where they had been held, they
were flown home in a B727. They were escorted by RAF fighters,
horsing around all over the place in jubilation. To show the
RAF exhibitionists what he could do, the captain of the 727
promptly executed a neat barrel roll.

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