Re: Canadian Arlines Flight Forced Landing?

From: (Paul Picton)
Organization: Standard Aero
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:35 
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In article <airliners.1996.1338@ohare.Chicago.COM>
Joe Wilson <> wrote:
>  Does anyone have information on a Canadian Airlines Flight Enroute
> from Vancouver to Ottawa that was forced to land becuase of a cracked
> Winshield and Engine problems due to a hailstorm?

A particularly nasty hailstorm sprung up in Eastern Sask and SouthWest
Manitoba.  The subject aircraft flew through the hailstrom where golf ball
size hail pummelled the aircraft.  From the articles in the Winnipeg Free
Press, the storm was unexpected which accounted for the pilot flying through
it.  The plane landed safely and was flown to VCR for service and returned to
service two days later.  No injuries were reported.

Paul Picton, P.Eng.
Repair Engineer
Standard Aero Ltd.