Re: Old NW DC-9's

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:35 
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McElravy <> wrote:
>This is off the thread, but on the topic of NWA DC-9s. I submitted this
>same question to the AIRLINE mailing list but for some reason the moderator
>didn't approve it, so I'm still left wondering.
>In an upcoming trip to Colorado Springs from Austin (not my home) I am
>flying Northwest (for the first time actually). The itinerary that the
>travel agency printed says the aircraft is a DC-9, but I wonder if it might
>actually be an MD-80 (technically a DC-9, though).

I have never seen a NW MD-80 in Austin, only DC-9's. American, Delta, and
Continental all operate MD-8x aircraft out of Austin, but I've NEVER seen one
here wearing NW colors.

>( I brought up the itinerary for my flight (779, I think) and
>the aircraft code is D9S.

My travel iteneraries (American Express Travel Services) frequently use "S" and
"Stretch" interchangeably. Not only does that term sound silly, but it becomes
even more humorous when I fly a Delta 727 or 737: since their fleet of 727s
consists entirely of -200s, I always get a "727 Stretch". Similarly, even a
737-200 is called a "737 Stretch" as is a 737-300. I haven't flown a DC-9 in
about 6 years, but the last time I did it was a DC-9-40, and it was labelled as
a "DC-9 Stretch". However, when I fly an MD-80 or MD-90, it has simply been
labelled as an MD-80 or MD-90. The travel agency never notes any difference
between say, and MD-82 and MD-88.

>putting me on an MD-82 (one of the ugliest birds in the sky.)


> I'm hoping it
>_is_ an MD-82 because on the DC-9-10 seating chart I looked at my seat is
>in the extreme rear, noise central and the MD-82 should be longer, meaning
>I'm farther from the engine and less likely to be deafened!!

If I were you, I'd get my earplugs ready.

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