Re: TWA flight 800 and the missile theory

From: (Bob Niland)
Organization: Colorado SuperNet
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:34 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:

> Reports of a streak in the sky and a radar blip merging with TW 800
> are used to support this notion, though the military says the blip was
> a momentary electronic phantom and that the 747 was both too high and
> too far off shore to be within range of such a missile.

What about space junk?  Sooner or later a meteorite or some re-entering
human-launched object is going to hit an aircraft in flight (if indeed
it hasn't happened already, and been closed as "unknown" or "pilot

I assume that since NORAD (or whatever they're called these days)
routinely tracks object large enough to be a threat to the shuttle, that
re-entering man-made stuff can be easily ruled out (if the NTSB thinks
to ask them).  Is this question routinely asked and answered in air

The talking heads (I hesitate to to call them "reporters") are telling
us that the NTSB/FBI have a short list of three possible causes that
have not been ruled out (as of 7/26/96).  The way they are worded
suggests that being struck by, say, a meterorite, has been ruled out.
Has it?  If so, how?

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