Re: TWA flight 800 and the missile theory

From:         Paul Kronfield <>
Organization: Geoprobe, Inc.
Date:         29 Jul 96 02:29:33 
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Has anyone considered the fact that IRAN has a number of German
manufactured diesal-electric submarines capable of long range patrols,
and a number of American-made hawk antiaircraft missles?  It wouldn't
be difficult for a submerged sub to monitor air traffic control
transmissions from an exposed whip antenna, hear the clearance for
takeoff and the runway number, surface, fire a hawk, and instantly
submerge...  Or if the submarine theory is too far out, how about a
tramp steamer with a hawk?

A stinger probably couldn't have done it, but a hawk would make small
work of a 747.

Paul Kronfield
Houston, Texas, USA
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