Re: O'Hare -> Hong Kong Non-Stop..Going GOOD!!!

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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Date:         26 Jul 96 10:59:14 
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>> The flight is currently seasonal, with service scheduled to be
>> suspended around October due to winter headwinds.

>What would happen to that hard-faught slot at HKG?  Will UA add
>another HKG-NRT flight or will UA use this slot for additional
>non-stop service to the West Coast?

US-Asia traffic tends to be seasonal.  Perhaps not as much as
trans-Atlantic, but UA and presumably other carriers add significant
capacity for the summer peaks.  Presumably this seasonality affects
HKG, so there's not a problem with leaving it idle for the winter.

Slots are at a tremendous premium at LHR, perhaps more than anywhere
else, yet several years ago UA flew once daily LHR-SFO/LAX but added
a second flight (not necessarily daily) for the summer peak without
stealing slots from other routes.

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