"tug" was Re: O'Hare -> Hong Kong Non-Stop

From:         andrewsa@comm.mot.com (Andrew Sapuntzakis)
Organization: Motorola Inc
Date:         26 Jul 96 10:59:13 
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In article <airliners.1996.1358@ohare.chicago.com>,
	tilman@nscale.activesw.com (Tilman Sporkert) writes:
> Unlike a convential tug, which uses a drawbar connected to the front
> wheels, this new tug has a wide slot in the back, going to the center
> of the tug. It backs up until the front wheels are in the middle of the
> tug, and then somehow grabs the front wheels and LIFTS them off the
> ground. [...]

Doesn't this design also get rid of the need for different drawbars
for different models of planes? Most planes are already equipped with
a nose gear ...

Andrew S.   andrewsa@cc.comm.mot.com