Re: interesting landing - runway switch at 800ft

From:         "Doug Snow (HUF)" <>
Date:         22 Jul 96 01:53:12 
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At least here in the states, it depends on the distance between the
runways.  At airports like SFO where there is a very narrow distance
between the runways, the sidestep landing minimums are pretty low (if
sidestep is allowed at all at SFO, dont know just an example).  Most
sidestep minimums arent much higher than normal circling minimums.  And
without being at work and having access to our Jepps, I'd venture to say
that the MDA for a sidestep to the North Runway 7L/25R at FRA, isnt that
much worse MDA-wise than a generic circling MDA at all.

Again in the states, all instrument approaches are generated using TERPS
criteria, and internationally ICAO PANS-OPS criteria becomes is what is
used when drawing up the charts.  Somewhere on the web an airline driver
has a TERPS page, and I think he has a discussion of some of the

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