Re: interesting landing - runway switch at 800ft

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Date:         22 Jul 96 01:53:11 
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> Do you think that '800 ft' to quote the pilot is a reasonable height to
> switch runways at?

Assuming that the A320 flight crew had the plane established on the
glideslope (which is usually inclined at 3 degrees), and assuming
that the aircraft's reference approach speed (Vref) was also being
followed, 800 ft should not be a problem to do some maneuvering as you
described.  Also, 800 ft appears to be above the runways decision
height/altitude (we'll have to check the approach plates..)  Finally,
since it is the pilot-in-command (PIC) decision to go with the last
minute switch, I am inclined to assumed that he thought it to be
absolutely safe.

I hope the above the answers your question.

Best regards,

ted perez