Re: FYI, B757 crash at Bermuda (NOT?)

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         22 Jul 96 01:53:10 
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>>I thought that the accident was after take-off from Puerto Plata....
>>or has it moved to Bermuda?
> Obviously a minor bit of confusion on the original author's part.  The
> crash took place off the coast of the Dominican Republic, near Puerto
> Plata, from whence the aircraft departed.

The report in The Guardian immediately after the crash, which I
summarised on Airliners, included a map showing the crash site in
relation to the coast.

The map also showed what purported to be the boundary of the Bermuda
Triangle. (The crash site was just outside it.) There was no
reference to this in the text of the Guardian's report, but I
mentioned it in my summary. At least one person on the list
criticised me for this. I suppose I had better take the opportunity
to make it clear that I do not believe the crash involved a UFO! :-)

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