Re: Daussault Mercure (was Re: Delta Flt 1288

From: (Tim Takahashi)
Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering
Date:         22 Jul 96 01:53:09 
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Philippe DEPONDT <> wrote:
> (Tim Takahashi) writes:
>|> Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:
>|> >Back to the JT8D, it's also on first generation 737s (-100 and -200)
>|> >and the rare Dassault Mercure.

>|> I notice extreme visual similarities between this aircraft and
>|> the more recent Airbus A319/320/321. Even odder, I was reading
>|> in a 1977 airliners book that Daussault was considering a
>|> stretched CFM-56 powered Mercure for early 1980's delivery.
>|> Does the A320 derive from this 737 lookalike?

>Unlikely.  In the Airbus venture, I believe Dassault is only a sub-contractor
>to Aerospatiale
>By the way, the Mercure was a flop since the only compagny ever to use it
>was Air Inter. The last Mercure was removed from service last year.

I know that. But there are other airframes that lead more complex
lives - the DeHavilland 146, nee Hawker Siddley 164, nee BaE 146
nee Avro Regional jet.

It also appears that configuration aerodynamicists tend to be
extremely conservative with civil projects. One wonders how
much commonality exists between a DC-9-10 and a MD-90-40!
(especially given than the 9-10 was a 75 seater, and the 90-40
is advertised for over 200 pax) (or from a 737-100 to a 737-800).