Re: Air Transport Association "Subject Headers"

From:         "Doug Snow (HUF)" <>
Date:         22 Jul 96 01:53:08 
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On 21 Jul 1996, Paul Makinen wrote:

> I have a document that refers to "ATA Headers":  For example, ATA 21
> refers to Air Conditioning Systems, ATA 23 is Radio Equipment, ATA 32 is
> Landing Gear, ATA 25 is Passenger Cabin, etc...
> Does anyone know what document these are from?

Those are from ATA specification 100, which categorizes aircraft
equipment.  In a minimum equipment list, items in chapter 21 are all of
the air conditioning system items and so on

spec 100 is extremely important in the industry, in that most all tech
manuals are numbered according to it.

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