Re: TWA 747 crash - flight 800 (JFK-CDG)

From:         Andy Tompson <>
Organization: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Date:         21 Jul 96 13:29:36 
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> One former NTSB official
> on this evening's news said it did NOT appear to be a bomb, in his
> opinion.  I didn't catch the whole reasoning, unfortunately.

My understanding on this was that there were reports of a sequence of
happenings....some kind of initial fire (that looked like a flare), a
larger explosion slightly later, and possible a third after that. Plus,
there were some indications that the initial fire was not "centered" on
the fuselage, but off to the side (as possibly interpreted from some
perceived rotating motion). Neverthless, I heard the NTSB guy on CNN say
that the fact there was a sequence of explosions and the fact that the
original "fire" may have been off center could indicate and origin away
from the fueselage [where a bomb in the baggage would be stored]. Of
course, I keep thinking about someone stuffing something in the landing
gear area while on the ground, but do we need more speculation?

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