Boeing Pronunciation

From:         McElravy <>
Date:         21 Jul 96 13:29:34 
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This may sound like a really dumb question, but I like to be on top of
things. In the computer world, technical words have specific
pronunciations. No where is it written that 80486 is pronounced
"eighty-four-eighty-six." In the aviation world I wonder how you say the
names of the planes in the Boeing fleet?

Gate attendants and pilots on my flights seem to always use
"seven-thirty-seven",  or whatever circumstances allow. In watching the CNN
rubbish about TWA 800 the newspeople pronounce the planes like this too.
For that matter, most people I talk to say it that way.

However, anytime I ever hear Boeing people talk, it is always
"seven-four-seven." or the like. The exception is the 777 which is the
"triple-seven" to everyone.

Is there any "official" way to  pronounce these planes? I always pronounce
them "seven-oh-seven, seven-thirty-seven, seven-forty-seven, etc., etc."
The only plane I use the Boeing method for is the 777, which is the
"triple-seven", or "seven-seven-seven" to me, because "seven-seventy-seven"
sounds dorky. Should I mend my ways?

						Evan McElravy