Re: Airbus lawsuit coming? (and other thoughts)

From:         Joe Curry <>
Date:         21 Jul 96 13:29:33 
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In message <airliners.1996.1373@ohare.Chicago.COM> (H Andrew Chuang) writes:

> One last comment concerning the A3XX.  I used to think it was unwise for
> Airbus to spend US$8-12 billion on the A3XX to compete with the B747X.  Now,
> I'm not sure about it.  The Airbus design is capable of being stretched to
> carry some 600-700 passengers.  I doubt the Boeing can do anything further
> than the 550-passenger B747-600.

There are problems operating aircraft of these proportions. You need the
passengers to fill them. Past experience has shown that larger aircraft
mean less frequent flights and loss of jobs in flight and cabin.

A five times a week flight has to be reduced to two a week.  Passengers
might be forced to fly from a distant airport. Convenience to pax is
paramount. Aircraft fly because people want this convenience. Corporate
decisions often fail because they have not taken pax convenience into

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