Re: aerial re-fuelling

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         20 Jul 96 15:59:09 
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In article <airliners.1996.1333@ohare.Chicago.COM> Bill Hensley <> writes:
>Gerard Foley wrote:
>>    I'm surprised.  I would think a tanker would have additional tankage
>> to accomodate a fuel weight equal to the passenger plus cargo weight
>> of the equivalent airliner type.
>Gerry, you are correct.  Both U.S. primary refueling assets, KC-135s and KC-10s,
>use auxillary fuel tanks that are installed into what would be the lower lobe
>cargo areas.  The deck is still available for cargo.  A -135 can pass up to
>120,000 lbs of gas, and a KC-10 up to 356,000 lbs.

I stand corrected!  Going to my sources reveals an underfloor capacity of
about 97000 lbs on the KC-135A, with 81,000 lbs for the wing tanks.
Refueling load is normally drawn from the underfloor tanks and the wing
tanks normally used for the airplane, although supplies can be varied.

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