Re: O'Hare -> Hong Kong Non-Stop..Going GOOD!!!

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Date:         20 Jul 96 15:59:09 
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>... it lands in HKG AFTER the UA HK-SIN flight (the last one of
>the evening) leaves!!!

>Why would United do this?

Possibly because they were slot-constrained at HKG, which is also why
835 runs 50 minutes later on the Thursday departure than the others.

Assuming they have enough traffic to generate capacity loads through
ORD just to HKG, they may not care much about the SIN connections
anyway.  The later departure allows UA to offer service to HKG from
ORD (and eastern and midwest connections) with a nice spread of
departure times -- from ORD:

     930a (805 - stop and plane change at SFO)
    1000a (603/1 - change at LAX)
    1230p (881/801 - change at NRT)
     345p (895 - non-stop; leaves 435p on Thursdays)
     500p (928/2 - change at LHR, stop at DEL, and arrive after
           you've missed a good night's sleep in HKG!)

With the early departures, you leave first thing in the morning and
arrive HKG too late for much except a good night's sleep.  The later
departure time allows a full morning at the office on the east coast
and even lunch in Chicago and nearby midwestern cities.  United can
no doubt command a premium for that advantage.  A departure early
enough to make a HKG-SIN connection would remove that advantage and
perhaps added revenue, while adding nothing if the flight cannot
accomodate a higher load.

Why would you prefer a connection at HKG to your usual one at NRT?
With similar flying times, the only advantage is probably the later
departure -- which suggests you agree the later departure is good!

>They already have onward rights from HKG to SIN, at least from LAX
>and SFO...can anyone explain this?

If you're suggesting they ought to add a HKG-SIN tag to 895, they
again may have slot restrictions at HKG, or insufficient demand for
greater HKG-SIN capacity, or perhaps curfew problems at SIN.  They
probably also need to have the plane overnight for maintenance --
I think UA's interval between overnight maintenance on 747-400s is
less than the time it takes to fly two ORD-HKG round-trips, and
there already isn't enough time to do the work at ORD.

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