Re: O'Hare -> Hong Kong Non-Stop..Going GOOD!!!

From:         Mark Ingram <>
Date:         20 Jul 96 15:59:08 
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On 17 Jul 1996, Karl Swartz wrote:

> >Flight 895 left ORD ... weighed 842,000 lbs. and had 384,500 lbs. of fuel

I have it on fairly good authority that this *was* full fuel.  Thus the
reason for the tow to the runway.

> ... a rather dated reference I found claims a 747-400 has a
> fuel capacity of about 52,800 gallons.  At a rough value of 7 lbs per
> gallon, that would be 369,600 lbs.  Obviously either additional fuel
> tanks have been added or 7 lbs/gal is low (or both).

The "nominal" density of Jet-A is 6.67 pounds per gallon, which in this
case would yield 57,388 gallons.  However, the Jet-A that I have been
using all summer has been closer to 6.4 pounds per gallon.

That would yield, in this case, 60,078 gallons.

The fuel refiners are granted some latitude in delivered fuel density, and
of course, the closer they can get it to whatever the minimum requirement
is, the more money they make (the fuel is paid for by the gallon, but the
number of btu's it actually produces per gallon is a direct function of
its density).

Mark E. Ingram

MarkT@Mo-Net.Com (also