Re: A340 speed

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Date:         20 Jul 96 15:56:07 
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In <airliners.1996.1325@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Steve McGinley) writes:
>An interesting piece of info on fuel burn, last week I flew BKK/SYD on QF
>744.  We pushed back 40 minutes late due to late arrival from LHR.  The
>captain said that he would endeavour to make up some time, but that for
>every 15 minutes he makes up cost the company 2 tones of fuel.

If it was a relatively full flight, I think that works out to
about $1 US per passenger for each 15 minutes recovered.  I
think its worth it. If I were in coach, I'd pay my share in cash just
to get out early.>