Re: B757 "Heavy Jet"?

From: (andrew m. boardman)
Organization: Quiche Eaters Anonymous
Date:         20 Jul 96 15:56:06 
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Doug Snow  <> wrote:
>Unless I was mistaken, the heavy moniker comes into play at gross weights
>over 300,000 lbs.

Well, the above, as well as everything I posted in my last message in
this thread, is about to be wrong, and the U.S. is about to cast any
semblance of agreement with the rest of the world to the winds. :-) This
just hit my mailbox (edited for brevity):

Flight Standards is announcing today a change to aircraft categories.
"Small" aircraft will be those that are 41,000 pounds and under (used to
be 12,500 pounds), with one exception: ATR 42 & SF 340, which will remain
in the large category due to wing span and roll rate.  The Heavy category
is defined at 225,000 pounds and and over (used to be 300,000 pounds).
As a result of this change, all DC8s and 707s and Tristars will now fit
into the heavy category.  [757s, too. -amb]

According to a preliminary Mitre study, reduction in capacity will be
approximately 20% nationwide.

Now, the thing I'm really curious about: aircrew are required to have
type-specific ratings for "large" aircraft, plus a few others (see FAR
61.5 and AC61.1).  Will everything between 12,500 lbs. and 41,000 lbs.
really now be legally flyable by any random ME pilot?  It's an
interesting if not scary speculation, although I'm actually more
concerned about the fact that, when flying a light aircraft, the
separation standards between me and all of the newly "small" aircraft
just went *poof*...

For a rather important change, I'm suprised I've only just heard about it
on the net.  I'm sure it will be talked to death in all of the usual
media before long.