Re: Some Turbofan Questions

From:         Don Stokes <>
Organization: Victoria University of Wellington
Date:         20 Jul 96 15:56:05 
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>In article <airliners.1996.1129@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Robert & Linda
>Wilson <> writes
>>Comets were originally engined with RR Avons - zero bypass. The 707's
>>bought by BOAC were engined with RR Conways. These, I think, were the
>>first bypass engines in comercial service, however the bypass level was
>>very low by today's standards. Less tha 0.5 if my memory serves me right.
>Just for the sake of completeness, Comets started life with DH Goblin

Huh?  At least by the time of the Comet 1 crashes, Comet 1s had de
Havilland Ghost engines (although the airlines wanted the more powerful
RR engines).

I don't believe the preferred engies were Conways -- they didn't turn up
until the 707 era.  The RR engines proposed for for the Comet 1 were pure
turbojets like the Ghosts; Conways are fans.

I'm not sure about the Comet 4; they may have had Conways.

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