Oldest Boeing Airliner

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On 26 July 1933 the 48th model 247 off the Boeing production line was
delivered to Pacific Air Transport.  Records in the Boeing archives
indicate it had beeen test flown by Les Tower (later killed in the model
299(prototype B-17) accident at Wright Field).  The ferry pilot is not
listed but the record shows it was ferried from the Boeing hanger to the
Pacific Air Transport hanger in Seattle-these might both have been at
Boeing Field or possibly from the small airstrip adjacent to Boeing Plant
#1 to Boeing Field.  My question is where was the first PAT revenue
flight? Seattle? to??  Are there any United Air line folks out there that
might be able to suggest where such a record may exist?  Next Friday, 26
July,the aircraft will be 63 years youngand will fly from Piane Field,
everett WA. to the Renton WA. airport where it was initially turned over
to the Pacific NW Aviation Historical Foundation, forerunner to Seattle'
Museum of Flight back in March 1966.  It would be fun to duplicate that
first revenue flight if we could learn where it went.  the airplane did
participate in UAL's 65th anniversary of operations in San Diego in June
1995 along with a newer twin engine Boeing, the 777.

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