Re: TWA 747 crash - flight 800 (JFK-CDG)

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Date:         18 Jul 96 10:55:17 
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>The 747 in question was a veteran 747-100, N93119 (f/n 17119).
>The aircraft was built and delivered to TWA in 1971.

Thanks for the additional info!  With that, here's a bit more.  It's
variously listed as a 747-125/131 or just a 747-131.  As the -125
suggests, it was originally intended for Eastern Airlines.  TWA took
up at least four aircraft that were in production, but not complete,
when Eastern cancelled their 747 order.  This was the last of those
four.  It's first flight was August 18, 1971, and it was delivered to
TWA on October 27.  Boeing bought it back on December 15, 1975, with
the intention of delivering it to the Imperial Iranian Air Force as
their "registration" (it appears to be a military serial number) 5-288
but for some reason the deal was not completed and the next day, TWA
bought the plane back from Boeing.  (The other three TWA 747s from
the Eastern order did go to Iran earlier in 1975 and apparently are
still there.)

The accident aircraft was msn 20083, the 153rd 747 built and the
newest of the ten 747-100s in TWA's fleet as of March 1995.  All ten
were equipped with Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7A engines and had a MGTOW
of 734,000 lbs -- heavier than the original 747-100 spec but not as
high as some, which go up to at least 750,000 lbs.  (The 747-400 has
a MGTOW of at least 875,000 lbs.  The current 747-600X proposal is
750,000 lbs with fuel or payload; MGTOW will be 1,126,000 lbs!)

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