Re: O'Hare -> Hong Kong Non-Stop..Going GOOD!!!

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Date:         17 Jul 96 04:05:34 
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>Flight 896 left HKG ... weighing 847,400 lbs.
>Flight 895 left ORD ... weighed 842,000 lbs. and had 384,500 lbs. of fuel

Interesting that both were well short of MGTOW, which was 875,000 the
last time I checked on a UA 747-400.  A full load of fuel, though, or
very close -- a rather dated reference I found claims a 747-400 has a
fuel capacity of about 52,800 gallons.  At a rough value of 7 lbs per
gallon, that would be 369,600 lbs.  Obviously either additional fuel
tanks have been added or 7 lbs/gal is low (or both).

>Flight 895 left ORD on the 16th at 3:48 (local) and was to be towed to
>the end of runway 14R...

14R and not 32L?  Not the most common winds for ORD.  And towing it to
the runway ... the only other times I've heard of that happening was
the record-setting LHR-SYD flight and possibly similar "stunt" flights
with the A340.

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