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Date:         17 Jul 96 04:05:34 
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Konrad Kelley <> writes:
> In article <airliners.1996.1228@ohare.Chicago.COM> Pete Mellor,
> writes:
> >That was always my understanding. However, I have heard that the
> >increasing use of composites in airframe construction has significantly
> >reduced the "Faraday cage" properties of modern airliners. Anyone know
> >anything about this?

>         The addition of a fine wire mesh in the composites provides
> the current path for lightning protection and greatly reduces the
> damage to the composite. So the Faraday cage is still there. A recent
> "Beyond 2000" or "Next Step" had a segment on this issue.

   I covered the FADECS on board the A310-300 cert flight test with
PW4152s.  During one flight, we had a direct strike to the right
engine.  (We were struck 4 times that I could hear, it made a very
curious sound, not like I expected, more like snapping wood.)
   There was a slight discoloration on the composite fan case
where it was hit, and some missing aluminum (~3/8") where (I presume)
the stoke left via the fan nozzle.  The FADEC, just behind the
composite, didn't complain.  (The harnessing, of course, is well

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