Airbus speeds.

From:         Dave Martin <>
Date:         17 Jul 96 04:05:33 
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I recently read a forwarded message on Bluecoat Forum concerning airline
cruise speeds. Whilst those for Boeing appear to be on the button, those
pertaining to Airbus are a little suspect.
I last flew the A300-B2K in 1982-3 and typical cruise speed was 0,82 for
hi-speed cruise and 0,80 for normal cruise. I believe that the airline I
was flying for reduced this further to 0,78 as fuel became a
I'm presently flying the 747-400 and we usually flight plan at 0,85 but
this will likely be changed to 0,86 in the very near future as it seems
to do better at the higher speed.
The 747-200 and -300 were optimal at 0,845 and the -SP did better at
0,85+ as it was rather speed unstable at lower speed and our aircraft
did not have a FFRATS.
Dave Martin.